Service Schedule...


9:30 am - Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship

10:30 am - Sunday morning worship service

12:00 noon - Fellowship Meal

1:00 pm - Connect and Grow Discipleship Time


6:45 pm - A.W.A.N.A. (During the school year)

7:00 pm - TEENS

7:00 pm - Adult Bible Study

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Cornerstone at a Glance...

Bible Versions

Pastor encourages the use of the following versions:

  • English Standard Version
  • King James Version (used in the pulpit)
  • New King James Version
  • New American Standard Bible


God's Word needs to be communicated in such a way that those who seek to apply biblical principles to their life are able to do so with confidence that it is God's Word and not man's that is being preached.  Therefore, our Pastor practices .


Cornerstone's approach to music is. During our congregational singing, we primarily use the Majesty Hymns hymnal.  Our choir will sing traditional hymns as well as other conservative arrangements.

Dress Standards

The style of attire is not so important as much as the modesty of the attire.  Pastor will wear a suit the majority of the time, but the men in the congregation are commonly seen in button-down shirts or polos.  Ladies should feel comfortable wearing a dress or a blouse with a skirt or slacks.  Modesty is the standard by which we ask you to come to worship


The use of labels is sometimes frowned upon, but they are the easiest means to communicate where we stand as a Church family. Here are a few of the labels we gladly own:

  • Independent (this means we practice congregational government and we are not part of a larger organizational structure. However, we still play well with others.)
  • Fundamental (if this term makes your skin crawl, please understand that it describes our beliefs, not a legalistic lifestyle.)  We hold to the biblical teaching regarding  the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the deity of Jesus, His substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection, the second coming of Christ and the inerrant authority of Scripture.)
  • Premillennial (This term refers to the timing of the second coming of Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus will return before He begins His literal 1000 year reign as King of all the earth.)
  • Pretribulational (This term refers to the rapture of the Church. We believe that Christians will not experience the Tribulation.  They will be removed from the earth in a supernatural fashion prior to the wrath of God being poured out on the earth.)
  • Friendly (It is not a theological term, but it is still very important.)