Service Schedule...


9:30 am - Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship

10:30 am - Sunday morning worship service

12:00 noon - Fellowship Meal

1:00 pm - Connect and Grow Discipleship Time


6:45 pm - A.W.A.N.A. (During the school year)

7:00 pm - TEENS

7:00 pm - Adult Bible Study

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How Can I Get Connected to a Church?...

What to look for in a local Church

Are all churches the same?  NO WAY!  Just as no two people are the same, no two churches cheap replica watches are the same.  Many people choose a church to attend based on the style of music, the comfort and/or the condition of the facilities, a particular view on a specific doctrine, or the friendliness of the people they meet when they attend the first few times.  Although these are important considerations when looking for a church, what is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to consider?

Does the Church practice expository preaching?

The primary purpose of gathering together as a church family is to hear the rolexreviews Word of God preached so people can grow in their knowledge of Who God is and to learn how He want us to live. 

Many people believe that topical preaching and expository preaching are polar opposites.  This is not true.  Topical preaching can be done in an expository manner. Unfortunately, many preachers approach a topic and force the biblical text to support their position on that topic. 

Expository preaching attempts to let the Bible speak for itself.  If the person in the pew is taught what the biblical text meant to the original recipients, then they will have confidence that the application of that biblical principle to their life is accurate and trustworthy. 

Our pastor's personal practice on Sunday morning is to preach through a book of the Bible, verse by verse.  He will preach topical messages as the Lord leads him to address specific issues or events that confront the Church.

Once you have determined that a particular church is focused on preaching God's word, then is the time to consider other factors that may help you determine if it is the right church for you.  The best way to get to know a church is to attend its weekly services and to speak with its pastor and members.  Go more than once!  Anyone can have an off day.