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Many people look at a church and ask, “What can this church offer me?”  It is an appropriate question.  Listed below you will find the various ministries of Cornerstone Baptist Church.  They exist to serve you.

A second question builds upon the first. “How can I serve God at Cornerstone Baptist Church?”  The same list works for both questions.  Please consider how God would have you serve Him by serving others.  Our Pastor believes that a Church Community is built through serving with one another.

Children's Ministry

What is a church without children?!  Every child is unique and needs individual attention at times.  We hope to offer one on one ministry when the opportunity presents itself, however most of our ministries are geared for group interaction.  Consider getting involved in the lives of our young people.  They need you!

Singles Ministry (Mingles)

Married Couples and Singles, 30 years and younger gather for fellowship around the Word and service.  This group needs committed people who are willing to minister to some of the busiest people in our community.  Whether it is our military personnel who are busy with serving our country or moms and dads that are trying to figure out life as young parents, our Mingles ministry needs you!

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Ladies' Ministry

Perhaps the glue that holds our church together, both the “Marys” and “Marthas” of Cornerstone make things happen.  We are blessed to have ladies who are committed to serving their God and their church family.  Our ladies are actively involved in one another’s lives.  They are the go-to people for caring for those in need.  With a mixture of age groups, our ladies’ ministry is well suited to meet your individual needs.  Why not consider getting involved and allowing God to use you to impact the lives of other ladies.  Our ladies ministry needs you!

Men's Ministry

Can you say, “BREAKFAST”?!!!!  Everyone knows  that the way to a man’s heart is through food.  Our primary source of encouragement and challenge to our men is our monthly Men of S.T.E.E.L. breakfast.  There is plenty of food consumed as we gather around God’s Word.  Various men will take the responsibility to prepare a lesson for each month.  Are you gifted to teach? Maybe this is a means for you to exercise that gift!  You may also get involved in serving as an usher, Deacon, or teacher, but if those don’t appeal to you then maybe you have the gift of working with your hands.  You can minister through helping others with whatever gifts and abilities you have.  Get committed MEN,  God wants you to lead and our men’s ministry needs you!

Choir & Music

Second to the Word of God, music ministers to the inner person like nothing else can.  A healthy diet of worshipful music will help any Christian make it through the week.  Our choir and special music will minister to your soul every Sunday.  Please consider joining your voice with others to glorify God!  Maybe your voice is not what you want heard, then consider worshiping God through the sound of the instrument you play.  Have you ever considered that you can serve others through participating in the choir?  You can and we need you!


Every missionary will tell you that the best way you can serve them is by praying for them.  So, we should all pray for missionaries.  You can also serve them financially. Cornerstone financially supports a number of missionaries in the area of church planting, medical missions, military missions, and support missions.  We also attempt to participate in one mission trip each year.  If you have never been out of the country, then you should plan to join us on our next trip so you can see how God is working in other areas of the world.


The term outreach can bring many ideas to mind.  You may think of large events that attract hundreds of people or you may think of going door to door to share the gospel.  Outreach can certainly involves both activities, but in another sense everything we do has an element of outreach attached to it.  Reaching out needs to be an individually motivated event.  Are you hands capable of reaching out and helping someone?  YES they are!  So go ahead and reach out to those people God has put in your circle of influence and invite them to place their faith in Jesus Christ!  And yes, you can also invite them to be our guest at Cornerstone Baptist Church!

Cornerstone Christian Academy

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