Mission Statement...

The mission of Cornerstone Baptist Church is to glorify God by leading people to be

  1. CONNECTED to Christ,
  2. CONSISTENT in spending time with Christ, and
  3. COMMITTED to serving Christ. 

Before someone can lead others they must first know where they are going and how to get there.  When a Believer seeks to lead an unsaved person to Christ or seeks to lead a young Believer to a deeper knowledge of Christ, this acronym may be helpful.

When we lead, we need to,

L – Love, so we will be like Jesus

E – Educate, so people will know about Jesus

A – Act, so people will see Jesus

D – Declare God’s Word, so others can believe in Jesus


How is this mission statement fulfilled at Cornerstone Baptist Church?  Let’s consider one statement at a time . . .

The mission of Cornerstone Baptist Church is to glorify God by leading people to be CONNECTED to Christ, 

Connecting people with New Faith
This is the first part of the Great Commission.  We accomplish this by practicing evangelism and participating in supporting missionaries.  If you are interested in understanding more about a relationship with Jesus Christ, please click here  and you will be able to read how Jesus Christ is the Bridge to an eternal life with God in Heaven.
Connecting people with Established Faith
God is in the habit of moving His children all over the world.  When He moves someone to Fayetteville, North Carolina, it is our hope to connect them to either our church family or encourage them to connect with another church in the area if Cornerstone is not their first choice.
Connecting Family with other Family
The Church is more than just one congregation.  There are times when one of our local church family members needs to be connected with another church family.  In our community, this is most common when people need help finding a new church due to a military re-assignment.

The mission of Cornerstone Baptist Church is to glorify God by leading people to be CONSISTENT in spending time with Christ,

Spending time with Jesus alone
Picture the disciples of Jesus sitting at His feet while He was unpacking the news that the Kingdom of Heaven was now present.  As Believers, we are to spend time with Jesus through reading and meditating on His Word and praying. 
Use the links on the "Get Consistent" page to assist you in getting started in a systematic reading program or search the internet yourself to find new ways to motivate yourself to dig deeper into God's Word.
Spending time with Jesus and others
People have been known to say that they can "do" church on their own; they don't need to go to a building to worship God.  While it is true that we can worship God alone, it is also true that we are told not to forsake the gathering together of those who are in Christ (Hebrew 10:25).
At Cornerstone we gather together during: Worship services, Bible studies, Corporate prayer meetings, Fellowship activities, and other learning opportunities events.  Please check out our service schedule to see where you can fit Jesus and others into your schedule.

The mission of Cornerstone Baptist Church is to glorify God by leading people to be COMITTED to serving Christ,

Commitment can be a frightening term to those in our society who have been taught that they should do whatever feels good no matter what others might say.  The commitment to serve goes contrary to that line of thinking.  Serving others means "self" comes last.  In a Christian's life, Christ must always come first!  Jesus has called Believers to serve others in His name.
We should serve Jesus Christ selflessly and sacrificially.  We should serve Him in our family, in our community, and outside our community.  Serving Christ in the different roles we play day to day will keep our faith fresh and alive.  Finally, we should serve Christ in our local church.  Check out the ministries you can get involved in at Cornerstone.