About Us

Cornerstone at a Glance

We strongly desire to practice church life the manner in which the New Testament describes and prescribes. Proper theology fuels all that we do at Cornerstone. We strive to be focused on biblical truth, selfless living, generous giving, and genuine service for King Jesus. Cornerstone Baptist Church is a Reformed Baptist Church that is striving to recover the truths that God is sovereign in all things, including in the salvation of His people.


We believe the expositional preaching of the biblical text is the best way to communicate God's Word to His people. We also believe that the preaching portion of the service is the most important aspect of what we do when we gather. Our pastor works through an entire book of the Bible verse by verse. He takes periodic breaks for special occasions and short series. This approach to preaching helps to make sure that ALL passages of the Bible are preached, not just the easy ones. Because we preach the whole counsel of God, we hold to the doctrines of grace and the 5 "Solas" that came out of the reformation. Careful and consistent Bible exposition reveals that man is in deep need of salvation and that he is unable to procure it for himself.


Our desire is to be "true worshippers" who "will worship the Father in spirit and truth (John 4:23)". In a consumer-minded culture that has pervaded the church, we are not interested in making the worship service about those in attendance, but rather, we desire to make the Godhead the focus of our worship. We are not concerned about styles of music, but we concern ourselves with pleasing God with hearts and acts of worship that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and please Him. Our worship services involve prayer, Scripture reading, giving, and fellowship, singing, and preaching. The LORD's Supper is practiced quarterly and baptisms are conducted when appropriate.